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2024 Tournament Rules

  1. The Long Island Pride Invitational (LIPI) is a USBC certified tournament. All participants are subject to the USBC rules and jurisdiction for the event. The Tournament is a mixed handicapped competition open to men and women and is by invitation only. The tournament will take place at Bowlero in Sayville, NY from Friday April 12 until Sunday April 14, 2024. NOTE: This is an adult event. It is strongly advised that children not be present. Only registered bowlers or tournament/alley officials are permitted beyond the settee area.

  2. All participants must be a member of USBC or international equivalent and be able to provide proof of membership (current sanction card or signed statement from league secretary verifying membership). If the participant is not a USBC member, they must pay for an associate membership which includes a fee of $15 for National dues PLUS any local or state dues (Rule 300c). LIPI permits the participation of associate membership bowlers, who shall use a minimum average of 130. Such bowlers shall be required to submit ALL league averages and tournament scores for possible re-rating. USBC permits the tournament manager to assign an average higher than the minimum average prior to participation (Rule 319b).

  3. All participants must be members of IGBO. Any participants not currently a member of IGBO must fill out the application for associate membership and submit to tournament secretary along with $25 fee.

  4. Long Island Pride Invitational will consist of Team, Doubles and Singles competitions. Each set will consist of three (3) games. Team competition will consist of four (4) bowlers (any combination of men and women). Each bowler may only participate once in each event.

  5. All applications will be completed online through the tournament’s website. The entry fee is $129.00 which breaks down as follows: Lineage: $40.50 (for 9 games) Banquet: $46.00 Prize Fund: $35.00 Expenses*: $ 4.50 *Expenses include trophies, the $3 dollar per bowler IGBO fee, PayPal fees and supplies needed to run the tournament. Any unused expense funds will be added to the prize fund. Entry closing date is March 29, 2024, unless the tournament sells out sooner. Long Island Pride Invitational has a capacity of 40 teams or 160 bowlers. ***EARLY BIRD*** All entries received and paid in full within 30 days of opening of registration will be placed into a drawing to have their entry fee refunded. This refers to the $129 entry fee only. Specific dates to be listed on the tournament website and social media page.

  6. The following additional optional events will be offered at LIP with 100% of the costs paid back as prize fund at a ratio of 1 in 10. Handicap Events A) Best 3 of 9: $10 B) Best 3 of 6: $10 (Team and Doubles Events on Saturday) Scratch Event C) Optional Scratch Divisions (Paying Game/Series/All Events) as follows: Division A – 210 to 300 = $30 Division B – 195 to 209 = $25 Division C – 180 to 194 = $25 Division D – 160 to 179 = $20 Division E – 0 to 159 = $20. The optional events listed above may be entered with your tournament application or at tournament registration. It is recommended that you enter any of these events with your application. LIPI will also offer Brackets, Mega Brackets, and other side events during the tournament.

  7. The trophies and prizes for the tournament will be awarded at an awards banquet. All participants and guests must select the awards banquet with tournament entry. Guests not participating in the tournament but attending the awards banquet must pay a fee ($50).

  8. All cash awards shall be based on the total pins with handicap for the All Events, Team, Doubles, and Singles events as well as the optional Best 3 of 6, and Best 3 of 9. The prize ratio is at least 1 in 10 for all tournament events unless otherwise noted. AVERAGE/RE-RATE/VERIFICATION RULES

  9. This is a handicapped tournament. Handicap will be calculated at 90% of the difference between the bowler’s average and 250. If a bowler enters with an average over 250, they will be assigned a handicap of ZERO. No negative handicap will apply.

  10. Please submit both A and B below if applicable: (A) Current highest USBC certified league average based on a minimum of 21 games as of December 31, 2023. This includes games bowled on that date. If competing in more than one league, the bowler must submit the HIGHEST average of all leagues bowled. (B) Current IGBO tournament average (TAD - 18 games). (C) USBC 2022/2023 average (21 games minimum).  (D) USBC 2021/2023 average (21 games minimum).   If none of the above applies, an average of 250 will be assigned. (Rule 319b)  The above averages must be verified by one or more of the following methods: i. Using a league standing sheet, signed and dated by a league officer or a letter from the league president or secretary. ii. It will also be acceptable to submit bowler abstracts from and/or provide league numbers/standing sheets from or, or a league’s official website. iii. If a bowler’s league is not sanctioned, or not posted on the two websites above or a league’s official website, or the bowler has chosen not to allow public access to their profile, all average paperwork including any tournament results must be received by the tournament secretary within one week after application is received or by the March 29th deadline (whichever comes first), or the application is subject to rejection or the assignment of an average of 250. iv. It is the bowler’s responsibility to provide accurate and complete average information. The tournament will do due diligence on each submitted average, but it is not our responsibility to do exhaustive research if the bowler does not provide the information that is required. v. If a bowler purposely provides false or misleading information to secure a lower average for the tournament, the application will be rejected, and that person will not be permitted to bowl in LIPI or any future Long Island Pride Invitational tournaments. (E) Averages from Sport Condition leagues are not acceptable currently.  Please submit the highest of A, B, C or D.  If you have additional information you feel will help us determine a fair entering average for you, particularly if you have not bowled a league during the previous two years for any reason, please include an explanation in the Notes section when registering.  If you don't have an average from A, B, C,  or D, please select E and include any information helpful toward establishing an entering average for you in the Notes section.  A score equivalent to the highest entering average will only be used in the event no averages are available and there is no reasonable method to determine a fair entering average for the bowler.  The final decision regarding the determination of any bowler's entering average is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.

  11. If a bowler’s reported December 31, 2023 league average (Rule 10A) is 10 or more pins less than his/her final 2022-2023 Fall/Winter league average (Ru3e 10b), a 50% re-rate will be applied (10 pin drop rule). Tournament Averages/Re-rate procedures It is the bowler’s responsibility to report tournament averages as listed below. These rules apply to all bowlers. Any bowler who is re-rated will be notified via confirmation email to be sent approximately one week prior to the start of the tournament. Any re-rated bowler is entitled to withdraw from the tournament and receive a full refund of tournament entry fees if he/she chooses. The bowler must withdraw before his/her first scheduled event.

  12. If any bowler has bowled any tournament games between October 1, 2023 and March 1, 2024, the bowler must report his/her scores for all tournament games bowled (sanctioned or not, IGBO or not, including all Scratch Masters games). A) If the tournament average (with 18 games bowled or more) is 1 or more pins higher than the verified league average, the tournament average will be used for handicapping purposes. B) If the tournament average (with 9 to 17 games bowled) is 1 or more pins higher than the league average, a 50% re-rate will be applied. C) No re-rate will be applied for bowlers with less than 9 tournament games bowled. D) Any bowler whose entering average is re-rated based upon Rule 11 and whose tournament average meets any of the conditions listed under Rule 12, may be subject to an additional re-rate. E) The tournament directors may re-rate any bowler who falls under a USBC rule not listed here. It is the individual bowler’s responsibility to know all the USBC re-rate rules for tournament play.

  13. USBC rules regarding the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her submitted average, whether submitted by the bowler, team captain or other, apply to all bowlers.

  14. Failure to report proper averages at the time of application or at the tournament registration period will disqualify the bowler if the submitted average is lower than the actual average as determined by Rules 10 through 12, thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap. Winnings will be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average. (USBC Rule 319A, item 3)

  15. The tournament management reserves the right to re-rate any entrant prior to bowling for reasons other than those set forth in Rules 11 and 12.

  16. Substitutes meeting USBC requirements and Long Island Pride Invitational tournament rules may bowl at the discretion of the tournament’s executive committee.

  17. Bowlers will be given ten (10) minutes of practice before each event.

  18. Late bowlers will begin bowling in the frame in which they are ready with prior frames scored a zero (0). It is the bowler’s responsibility to be at the lanes when bowling begins.

  19. No substitutions in the Doubles or Team event lineup can be made after a series has started without sufficient cause at the discretion of the tournament management. Changes to Doubles pairings must be made before the completion of the tournament registration period.

  20. All prize monies will be paid out within 30 days after the completion of the tournament. A tie in any position will result in an equal division of the prizes.

  21. Results will be posted to the tournament website within 30 days of the completion of the tournament. All financials and scores will be reported as necessary to IGBO, USBC and any other governing body.

  22. After a score has been recorded, it cannot be changed unless there has been an obvious error in scoring or calculation. Obvious errors must be corrected by a tournament official immediately upon discovery. Questionable errors must be reported to a tournament official within two (2) hours of the error, and the appropriate action will be decided by tournament management. (USBC Rule 328)

  23. A protest or appeal involving eligibility or playing rules must be filed with the tournament management, the local association or USBC before tournament prizes are paid. The protest or appeal must be in writing and the grounds for the protest or appeal briefly stated. An appeal regarding the decision of the tournament management or local association may be made to USBC. The decision of USBC is final and binding on all parties involved. Prizes for the positions affected cannot be distributed until the protest or appeal is resolved. (USBC Rule 329)

  24. All average verification documents, both league and tournament, should be emailed to for secretarial purposes. They should be received by the tournament secretary no later than the March 29th entry close date.

  25. All other USBC rules apply.

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