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Whether you are new to bowling, need a reminder, or too shy to ask; here is a quick list of optional events you might see at tournaments.

  • Best 3 of 6
    Your best three (3) handicapped games from the Saturday session (first six (6) games played at the tournament).
  • Best 3 of 9
    Your best three (3) handicapped games from the entire event.
  • Chase The Rabbit
    A name is pulled from the pool of contestants and that bowler's score is the threshold in which you need to match, or be higher than, in order to advance to the next round. The 'rabbit' needs to beat at least 10% of the field to advance. Process repeats until there is one bowler remaining.
  • Optional Scratch
    Your total scratch pins over all nine (9) games ranked amongst other in your division based on your entering average.
  • Lucky Ball
    Roll a 10-sided dice. Whatever the value you roll, that is how many pins you need to knock down on your first ball. Note that a zero (0) = Strike.
  • Mystery Score
    A random number will be pulled from 00-99. The last two digits are what needs to match in order to win. For example: random number is 16 : Scores of 016 / 116 / 216 win.
  • No Tap
    A game in which a predetermined number (typically 9) that would equal a strike if bowled on the first throw. If your first ball is a nine (9) it counts as a strike and you would proceed as regular. If you bowl anything other than nine (9), you continue playing with traditional rules. Some contests have the use of MULLIGANS which would give the bowler a chance to redo the frame. Typically, these come with additional costs to the game.
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